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“Caught Albus rocking out. He didn’t know I could see him.”

You’re an asshole.

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Short Story based on RP characters - Part 1 / 7

Year One: September 1

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At the top of my list.

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This is a single romance account.

It is rated MATURE. This account contains a character dealing with an eating disorder, self-harm, strong language and sexual references. Graphic 18+ is kept in DMs.

My only set family member is @JamesPottcr. I am currently looking for other family members.

I don’t put up with any amount of bullshit. This account is strictly anti-drama.

No godmodding please. Albus is my character and I’m perfectly capable of controlling him myself.

No half mermaids with a vampire mother and a part daemon father. Children of Voldemort are also an instant NO.

Albus is gay. Gay, gay, gay, gay. Absolutely no romantic interaction with females.

Thank you for reading! Click here to continue.

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